Please be patient.  Getting here takes some time, but I’ll show up.  Thank you.

OK, here I am!

And just a very little bit about me. I grew up in a small town in Ohio and now live in a small town in South Carolina. So the small town, rural life is pretty sweet.

I’ve been writing and making up stories since Mom caught me talking to myself when I was about 5 or  6 years old.  So after spending time being the director of an agency modeled after Big Brother/Big Sister, then a Director of Religious Education and Youth Minister, and homeschooling my children, I decided to get back to my first love of making up stories. Or in some cases telling the truth in stories.

I’m a long-time member of the South Carolina Writers’ Workshop and several area critique groups, and I help organize monthly readings, An Afternoon of Poetry and Prose at Happy Accidents and Paint Party Plus in Rock Hill, SC

If I’m not writing I’m working in my yard, trying to make it look like the gardens I remember growing up in Ohio. So far it hasn’t happened!

My collection of poetry is available through Main Street Rag Publishing

Park Road Books in Charlotte, NC.

and at Malaprop’s Bookstore and Cafe in Asheville, NC

Here is where you can find me otherwise ~

In the Garden of Life and Death~A Mother and Daughter Walk full-length poetry collection

Beginning and Ending in Toledo – 1st place winner in moonShine review 10th anniversary anthology 2014,  short story

Euchre at Twilight – The Best of Final Friday Reading Series Vin Master 2012-2013, poetry

Offering – Kakalak 2013, Honorable Mention, poetry

Vistas~Visions and Verse: An Exhibit of Ekphrastic Poetry and the Art that Inspired It – Lancaster County Council of the Arts, November and December 2012

* Family Tree, poetry

* To Margaret from Al – 1910, poetry

* Asthma, poetry

Legends – moonShine review spring/summer 2012, short story

My House is a Mess – Homeschooling Essentials 2012, reprinted from Carolina Homeschooler, non-fiction

My Daughter Gabrielle – Homeschooling Essentials 2012, reprinted from Carolina Homeschooler, non-fiction

Euchre at Twilight – The Petigru Review 2011 Vol. 5, poetry

Cherry Time-Bellevue, Ohio 1914 – The Petigru Review 2011 Vol. 5, poetry

Last Rites – The Petigru Review 2011 Vol. 5, poetry

Looking for China – moonShine review spring/summer 2011, short story

Deferred – The Petigru Review 2009 Vol. 3, poetry

Coming Home – The Petigru Review 2009 Vol. 3, non-fiction

Easter 1936 – The Petigru Review 2008 Vol. 2, poetry

Absolution – The Petigru Review 2008, Vol. 2, non-fiction

Voyeurs – Kakalak 2007, poetry

Stalag 13 – Catfish Stew 2006 Vol. 4, poetry

Growing in the Garden of Life and Death – Honorable Mention 2006 SC Poetry Initiative Chapbook Competition

The American Museum of Outsider ArtIodine Poetry Journal Vol. 3 2002, poetry

A Sonnet to Myself – Iodine Poetry Journal Vol. 1  2000, poetry

11 Responses to About

  1. sharon leaf says:

    Nice to meet you Kim. I’m glad Roxanne Hanna mentioned you on her blog. I wish you the best on your blog. I had to be convinced of the necessity of having a blog (“all writers must have one!”). Okay!! Now that I’ve been blogging for over a year, I love it.
    Oceans of blessings and see you on the radio!
    my blog: sharonleaf.blogspot.com

  2. Betty Beamguard says:

    This is so nice. Simply beautiful.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks, Betty. I’m not quite the writer/photographer you are, but I’m glad you like the look. You have always inspired me.

  3. Rose says:

    Kim, loved reading about the spider’s web, writing letters’ the old fashion way, your drive trough convenience stores:), and your grandmother’s book of quotes!

  4. Rebecca Stevenson says:

    I enjoyed the readings last night. I am thrilled to believe that I live in the same small town as such a gifted poet.

    • Becky thank you so much, that’s really sweet of you. I’m glad you enjoyed the readings. Poetry isn’t always a popular thing – reminds folks of high school English 🙂 It was a pleasure officially meeting you last night and a wonderful surprise to see you ‘here’ this evening. I look forward to seeing you again in March at the book club gathering. I hope you enjoy the rest of the collection.
      Kim ~

  5. Linda-Marie says:

    I’m from Malaprop’s Bookstore. Can you bring 10 copies of your work to your poetrio event in August? If possible, we’d love them before so we could include them in our display.


    • Hi Linda-Marie,
      There are 10 copies on their way to Asheville! They should arrive tomorrow. I’m excited about being part of Poetrio next month – thanks for all the support. See you in a couple weeks.


  6. Jackie says:

    Trudy shared The Cyclist with me today. I felt so many emotions, as most of your writings stir up, and said to Trudy, ” This is my life.” Life could of been so different if so many things had not happened but look at how wonderful life is because so many things did happen. My relationship with Michael is still so complicated and never far from my thoughts but that is what happens when you share so much of your life together. You have an amazing gift and I thank you for sharing it. ❤

  7. Jackie, thank you so much. I’m happy The Cyclist touched you, but more importantly relieved that it touched you in the way it did. I had you in my heart and mind as I wrote it. You have done such an amazing job with the life you’ve been given. I admire your strength and humor and positive outlook. Thank you for the encouragement, and I’m glad my writing has made a difference. Sending love ~

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