With Mom at McDonald’s

I drink two cups of coffee a year – once on my mom’s birthday and once on the anniversary of her death.  Monday was one of them.

Mom relished her morning ritual – the coffee and cigarette, the visit with McDonald’s workers and her morning devotional.  But that’s the way mom was.  She embraced life, even the ordinariness of drinking coffee in the morning.  She found the positive or humorous in everything and didn’t let anything stand in her way.

That’s not to say life was easy and she didn’t have struggles.  Our family had its ‘colorful’ years.  But they are what has made us a family.

In Cottage Quotes I’ve written about someone else who obviously embraces life, continuing to live it to the fullest as he approaches 90.

On the Bookshelf is The Three Junes by Julia Glass, a book about family dynamics and making the best of things.

Here’s to you, Mom – a large McD’s with lots of cream and sugar.

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6 Responses to With Mom at McDonald’s

  1. I love the way you remember her Kim, and will join you in honoring her memory 🙂

  2. McDonald’s coffee? Interesting remembrance ritual, Kim. Lucky you, lucky she/mom.

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