An Eventful Week

Sorry I didn’t get back to post last week about a field trip, but I had an ‘eventful’ week.  I won’t go into detail about the first one, but I’m fine and the car will be – after a brief visit to the body shop.  And some advice – if you find yourself traveling dark, southern back roads, be on the look-out for timbers that have fallen from logging trucks.  😉

The other events from the weekend were not nearly as inconvenient but were as exciting. What happens to the arts as government funding gets chopped from state and local budgets?  A Writer’s Window opens up a view.

Sometimes we can plan the fun out of trips.  But sometimes the most serendipitous are the most memorable.  That’s what happened to me last week, when I took a little Field Trip.

And there will be more to come!

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