“Real satisfaction comes from doing something no one else can do.” Pearl Fryar

Pearl Fryar is a topiary artist. Well, not just a topiary artist sculpting cute little animals from bushes. Pearl does something no one else does. And his garden is a treat to walk through.

The Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden was on the way home from the Pee Dee Literary Festival I attended with my friends, Betty and Martha. We’d heard a lot about the garden and decided to take the time to visit. So glad we did.

Pearl was leaving for the Waffle House when we arrived – he needed to tweak one of his creations – but took a few minutes to get us started on our self-guided tour. It was obvious he’d love to stay and talk with us, but said the best way to experience his garden was to just wander on our own. Boy was he right. 


His garden is quite literally his garden – wrapping around the small ranch-style home he still lives in.  As we walked among his living canvas I kept thinking, ‘This is like walking through a Dr. Seuss story.’ There is the whimsical quirkiness found in the artwork of books like Go Dog Go and the designs change completely depending on your vantage point. Tucked within the bushes and trees are fountains and sculptures he makes from found objects. And always the message of love, peace and hope. 







As we were about to leave, we noticed Pearl had returned. We got his attention before he climbed into his cherry-picker. He graciously signed the calendars we bought and told us about his work. He especially likes creating the trees that have two trunks or look braided. He chuckled as he whispered his secret . . . but it’s not mine to share.




“. . . doing something no one else can do.” doesn’t necessarily mean something completely new. It means bringing your unique touch into the world.

As we begin 2012, what or how are you going to do something no one else can do?

If you want to walk among Pearl’s creations, The Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden is located right off I-20 in Bishopville, SC – easy to find and worth the trip. Interview with Pearl Fryer.

Happy New Year!






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