Remembering . . .

Dad called a while back all excited and laughing. “You won’t believe what I found. My driver’s license for the tank I drove in Korea! think I could still use it?”

We joked about his going downtown where a tank sits as a memorial and see if he could get it started. If a policeman happened by, Dad could show his license and all would be well.

I’m lucky, Dad made it home from Korea and he’s honored with a brick in my hometown’s war memorial. And on this day especially I’m not only grateful for that, but also mindful of those who don’t return.

The memorial is a beautiful obelisk that honors both the survivors and the fallen.Today at 3:00 I’ll join thousands of others as we remember, but also pray for those who remain protecting us.  And special prayers for Bo Bergdahl, currently held prisoner by Taliban insurgents. May he and all our men and women come home safely and soon.


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10 Responses to Remembering . . .

  1. Claire A. Iannini says:

    Loved the story about your dad! I thank him for his service. The memorial is beautiful – your pictures do it justice. And God be with Bo Bergdahl and other POW’s.

    • Thanks, Claire. My photo skills aren’t the best but I really wanted those to come out. It really is beautiful. The bricks engraved with names form a 5 pointed star at the base. It stands right in the middle of the park, where 3 roads intersect, ball fields and a pool around it, but when you stand at the memorial it’s as if all the sounds dissipate into the air and it’s completely hushed. I love going there.

  2. My thanks to you dad for his service. There are some privately owned tanks here in the states. Mostly WWI or WWII tanks

    • Thanks, Andy, I’ll let him know, but he’s so funny-he doesn’t see it as anything more than what every other guy he knew did. But he was pretty touched when my sisters and I bought a brick for him. Would love to see some of those tanks.

  3. Tyhitia says:

    Hi Kim,
    A sincere thanks to your Dad for his service. And pictures do speak a 1000 words.

    • Tyhitia! So glad to hear from you. I’ll pass along to my dad. Today is his birthday and he’ll be tickled so many people expressed their appreciation. Hope all is well with you.

  4. Claire A. Iannini says:

    Kim – Tell your dad – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Give him lots of hugs and kisses!

  5. Susan March says:

    Hi Kim Your Dad never made any mention of it when I was around. I am so proud of him too! It would be really neat to see a picture of him in a tank. He was always so calm. Most of the time I think of him smiling & laughing. We will give him a call today… Thanks for the great story. Love You.

    • Hi Sue! I actually have some pics of him from Korea – maybe I’ll post them on Veterans’ Day. I look at him from back then and see my boys. And he still smiles and laughs all the time!

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