Washing Windows and Retail Therapy

I named my blog A Writer’s Window for all the various takes on the word, ‘window’ – an opening in a wall, an opening on a computer, a way of giving information . . . This is the view from my actual office window. And it needs washing.

Wednesday I wrote about Quiet-The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain, and confessed I am an Introvert. Last evening I was with a real Extrovert.

After reading the book it was interesting to talk with David and see how spot on the author was. I honestly enjoy people and have spoken to crowds of 200+ and didn’t hyperventilate or pass out.  🙂  But after too much I need to find that quiet spot and cocoon. David is just the opposite. He can enjoy his quiet time . . . for a little while. Then he needs to be out and about with people. One of the reasons he likes his neighborhood is there’s always someone to chat with.

One of the points Cain makes in her book is that Extroverts thrive on being around people and if they are alone too long they need to get out among them again. I’m sure that’s one of the driving forces behind ‘retail therapy.’ It’s not just the thrill of buying something new as a pick-me-up, it’s the energy that’s drawn from being around lots of people, even if one doesn’t engage with all of them.

Introverts on the other hand expend their energy when they are around a lot of people for too long, more so than many people realize. We need the solitude to gather our strength again.

For the last couple of months our local writers’ group has been organizing our annual Writers’ Intensive. I was the registration contact so I’ve spent several weeks ‘meeting people’ through the computer. This past Saturday was our event. It was great and I was glad to finally meet in person the people I’d exchanged so many emails with. In some ways it felt as if we already knew each other and we were just catching up.

But between all the weeks on the computer, the event, the wrap-up meeting (I love you Claire, Martha and Pat!) and finally last night’s gathering with another art group – where I chatted with my Extrovert friend David – my need to be extroverted has reached its limit. It’s time for me to withdraw and find that niche to re-energize.

Thank goodness I have windows to wash!

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8 Responses to Washing Windows and Retail Therapy

  1. Debbie says:

    Nice blog. Being an extrovert, myself, I sometimes for get that introverts react differently. I think you described it nicely…needless to say, ALL my windows need washing!

  2. Claire A. Iannini says:

    Your explanation of ‘window’ is wonderful, and YOU are one of the people who helped me learn to appreciate and love what ‘windows’ represent and how satisfying it is to utilize whichever ‘window’ happens to call out to me. YOU are also one of the people who feed my extrovert needs when I need to nibble, but allow me to snuggle into my introvert’s hideaway whenever I need it. I guess being a ‘confused Gemini’ really allows me the best of both worlds – and I am so happy that you are in BOTH of them!! Thank God that Fred cleans the windows! Love you much!

  3. Rosemary C. Gray says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this..as well as Claire’s delightful comments This blog is an insightful and wonderful explanation of how introverts can be friendly, effective speakers and presenters who simply have that need for solutide and connection with that quiet, inner ‘alone space.’

    • Thanks Rosemary. You’d enjoy the book too. Susan Cain explains it all so well and you can almost feel her excitement and relief in the pages. That sense of ‘There’s really a reason I feel like I do! And it’s ok!’

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