I Read it at the Movies

Something I’ve always told my kids about books-to-movies . . . READ THE BOOK FIRST! Usually the book is richer in detail and nuance than a movie can capture. One exception I’ve found, mainly because I try to avoid books-to-movies since I don’t want a good book ruined, was The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Loved the books, loved the movies. My niece Madison would say the same thing about the Harry Potter books and movies. So good adaptations can happen.

But I was worried when I heard that one of my favorite books, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, would float from the pages to the screen.  The story has layers I hoped wouldn’t be lost. Haven’t read the novel? Here is the blurb from the back of the book.

“Pi Patel is a God-loving boy and the son of a zookeeper, has a fervent love of stories and practices not only his native Hinduism, but also Christianity and Islam. When Pi is sixteen, his family and their zoo animals emigrate from India to North America aboard a Japanese cargo ship. Alas, the boat sinks-and Pi finds himself in a lifeboat, his only companions a hyena, an orangutan, a wounded zebra, and a 450-pound Bengal tiger. Soon the tiger has dispatched all but Pi. Can Pi and the tiger find their way to land? Can Pi’s fear, knowledge, and cunning keep him alive until they do?”

I’ve read the book 2 or 3 times and the ending still makes me wonder.

The movie comes out November 21st. The first trailer has just been released and I think it will be visually stunning. Could Ang Lee do anything less? The opening sequence mentions finding courage when everything you have is lost. Maybe the subtleties will be there after all. Take a peek.

Life of Pi

I’ll be reading the book again before November. Join me?
And what about the books-to-movies you’ve read and watched-good or not so much?

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11 Responses to I Read it at the Movies

  1. Roxie says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing it! You’re right, it’s bound to be stunning! 🙂

  2. Claire A. Iannini says:

    OMGOSH, how fun – and I love the roundness of four!! Let’s do it everyone. Do we want to do lunch and a movie, or throw caution and crowds to the wind and try early dinner and a movie! Sounds great whatever the consensus – and thank you to Roxie as our appointed driver!!! Anyone have a day/date/time preference?

  3. Debbie says:

    Read three books with Hubert for school then watched the movies… The Old Man and the Sea, Lord of the Flies and Beowolf. Loved the books, but LOTF, and Beowolf movies were beyond awful. Wish we had not watched them, but you just don’t know. The Old Man and the Sea followed closely to the book, but we had to take into account the quality of the movie at the time it was made. We have read many other books, and are wary about watching the movies..except for LOTR. We are doing Literary lessons for LOTR, and can’t wait to watch the movies at the appropriate time. Love your blogs, Kim!

    • Thanks Debbie! Agree about LOTF. Lucky Hubert to be doing LOR for literature class – COOL! And you know The Hobbit is coming out soon, well at least the first of three parts. Peter Jackson is doing them to so you know they’ll be amazing. Can’t wait to see them. I’ll have to reread the book. then maybe a Hobbit/Lord of the Rings movie marathon? 🙂

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