National Short Story Week

It’s National Short Story Week!  When I was in high school we didn’t really study short stories, but I remember reading a lot of Edgar Allan Poe on my own.

Several years ago one of my Rowdy Readers, Betty, was teaching a literature class at the local university and asked my opinion on a textbook she hoped to use – Fictions. I fell in love with short stories again and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I never returned the book. Sorry Betty 🙂

So to celebrate the short story, here is what I’ll be reading this week, a list of collections I’ve read over the last year, a couple places to find some excellent collections and a journal that publishes short stories. Care to join me?

On my list

Accidental Birds of the Carolinas ~ Marjorie Hudson

The Naming of Ghosts ~ Steve Mitchell

One Last Good Time ~ Michael Kardos

Surrounded by Water ~ Stefanie Feele

Collections I’ve read over the last year

Come to Me ~ Amy Bloom

A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You ~ Amy Bloom

The Bolero of Andi Rowe ~ Toni Margarita Plummer

Smothered, Scattered and Covered ~ Bob Strother

Swim Back to Me ~ Ann Packer

House on Belle Isle ~ Carrie Brown

Small presses for interesting collections

Main Street Rag

Press 53

A journal of eclectic writing

moonShine review


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