Wingmaker Arts Collaborative~Martha Whitfield

I met Martha only once as we started a poetry workshop together. Unfortunately she had moved from the collaborative before my visit. But I’ve included her in the interviews because she was part of the beginning and I loved how Karon described her as having ‘fiery energy.’ I’ve seen some of her work and that energy is on her canvases. Martha says this about her time with the collaborative …

What first drew me to Wingmaker was the website. I knew some of the women who had taken classes there and had gone to Facebook to say happy birthday to one of them. That was the first time I heard of Wingmaker.


A plate on Karon’s table

I loved the front shared space for teaching, the windows in the front, the neighborhood, South End with the shops and cafes. Another reason for joining was wanting to be with other women. I had worked in other studios but we had individual rooms with doors and didn’t interact with each other very often.

Having others in the  same room invigorated me. They would leave notes on my art work encouraging me or telling me how they loved my work. THAT felt great and less isolating than working alone in a studio with no one else seeing my work. I liked having a writer in the space as I write too and having her there made me want to write.

It’s a great space that I hope grows into a larger organization with more space and more rooms and more shared collaborative events. I miss having a studio there but wanted windows. My space was in the back without natural light. I would be interested in renting space next door if something opens up. And also teaching there.

Kim’s note~I wish Martha had been at Wingmaker the day I visited so I’d have a picture of this lovely woman and her beautiful art. I’ll see about getting a link to some of her work so you can see it too.

I will be traveling to Ohio tomorrow so a full day on the road … and a paranormal tour to our hometown Bishop’s rectory. 🙂  So I’ll not be posting here. BUT I’ll be back on Saturday and introduce you to Karon Luddy. And I think the word ‘fiery’ is great description for her as well. See you then.

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4 Responses to Wingmaker Arts Collaborative~Martha Whitfield

  1. Claire says:

    I so look forward to sharing this Wingmaker journey each day. It makes me feel that I am right there with these lovely gals – whom I miss! LOVE the plate on Karon’s table!
    Loved meeting Martha and look forward to you sharing some of her work here. I hope space does open up next door so all these ladies can be together again.
    And I can’t wait to be introduced to Karon (again) and her fiery self!! xoxo

  2. Rosemary C. Gray says:

    Have a good trip. Look forward to more Wingmakers on your return!

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