Wingmaker Arts Collaborative ~ Final Thoughts

“We are traditionally rather proud of ourselves for having slipped creative work in there between the domestic chores and obligations. I’m not sure we deserve such big A-pluses for that.” Toni Morrison

“There is the risk you cannot afford to take, [and] there is the risk you cannot afford not to take.” Peter Drucker

Rebecca, Karon, Caroline and Jennifer, THANK YOU for letting us come into Wingmaker Arts Collaborative and visit. May those masonry walls continue to collect your creative energy and radiate it back. I can’t wait to go back for a visit and I know others are interested too. I’ll close this series with some of your final thoughts ~

l to r Jennifer Halls, Rebecca Haworth, Karon Luddy; missing Caroline Coolidge Brown

l to r Jennifer Halls, Rebecca Haworth, Karon Luddy; missing Caroline Coolidge Brown

Karon ~ The creative process is the center of what happens at Wingmaker. We help each other find our own voices and then strengthen those voices. We also help each other discover our own unique vision and cajole each other into doing our own unique work, then celebrate each other’s originality. Along the way there is laughter and sometimes tears.

It is a privilege to work with everyone who has been associated with this space – Rebecca who found the place and inspired us all to become part of the collaborative. Sharon Sullivan and her wealth of knowledge and willingness to share her art. Martha with her fiery energy and passion for images and words. Caroline for her upbeat personality, vibrant mixed media work, and passion for teaching. Facilitating The Artist’s Way workshop with Rebecca was another fabulous collaboration. And now, our newest collaborator, Jennifer Halls, has created her sacred space here, and is doing her art, bringing lots of new energy to the space. The art exhibits, the poetry readings, seminars, and art classes continue to energize the collaborative. We also have way too much fun here!

Rebecca ~ Because I had no plan for Wingmaker Arts Collaborative and have no objective except to at least continue to break even on the space, I am just holding on, being patient with studio and space. I have no defined direction for our work, but enjoy discussing things that come up and deciding what sound good, works or doesn’t work, and seeing what the next week holds!

I want to hold the space. Provide a place where people merge and part and merge in creative work.

Jennifer ~ It may sound trite but I really do feel privileged beyond words to be part of Wingmaker. I think it took a lot of faith and trust in her inner knowing for Rebecca to start it. She took action on a vision with faith and it created a vortex where what was needed for it to be realized (and still is) pulled into it. Clearly Karon, Sharon, Martha and Caroline were pulled and they all worked hard to create such a beautiful space. By the time I joined it made it easier for me to trust my secret heart because they trusted theirs.

Caroline ~ I love the women of Wingmaker and the collective creative spirit that is part of the vibe here. Working in a studio at home gets lonely and it becomes very easy to second guess your work. These artists are here for sharing ideas, offering critique, hanging shows or just hanging together. I think that the mixed media journaling art form embodies what Wingmaker has given me and my students – the chance to throw whatever you bring into the mix, to laugh and cry and experiment and share, and then turn it all into art.DSC00926Wingmaker Arts Collaborative

Rebecca Haworth

Karon Luddy

Caroline Coolidge Brown

Jennifer Halls

Community Supported Art


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4 Responses to Wingmaker Arts Collaborative ~ Final Thoughts

  1. icclaire says:

    Though we’ve been traveling, I’ve checked emails and this has been such an enjoyable journey.
    Thank you, Kim, for highlighting these wonderful women!!!

  2. Karon Luddy says:

    We are honored that you wrote this superb articles about our Collaborative. We welcome your presence ANY time you can visit. Thanks again.

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