In Good Company

“Poets and painters are outside the class system or rather they constitute a special class of their own, like circus people and Gypsies.” Gerald Brenan, British writer

OK, I’m not sure exactly what Mr. Brenan meant by the comparison as I’m not sure how he felt about circus people and Gypsies, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because I love the quote.

To me, both groups of people exhibit fearlessness, a sense of adventure, wide-open embracing of life. If that describes a poet I’ll take it. Writing poetry takes a bit of fearlessness to dig for emotions and images, and that ability to see and embrace all of life – the pretty and the ugly. The adventure comes when the poems start to breathe and are shared with others. It’s a great ride and I’m about to embark on a new one.

image007With the release of my first collection of poetry, In the Garden of Life and Death ~ A Mother and Daughter Walk, it’s time to hop in my wagon and begin the publicity tour. My Hyundai isn’t quite as ornate or colorful as the caravans of circus people and Gypsies, but it does have new tires and I’m excited to travel and meet people, talk about writing and my book, and share stories.

All the events below are open to the public so please stop by and visit. I hope to add more and will update as that happens.

Stops so far ~

Thursday February 12   5-7       Lancaster Book Launch       Lancaster County Council of the Arts, Springs House Gallery

Saturday February 21   1-3        Reading and signing             Gallery 102

Tuesday February 24   6           Reading and signing              Lancaster County Library

Friday February 27      7:30      Featured Reader                     Final Friday Series – Madison’s Coffee House  , Indian Trail, NC

Sunday March 15          4-5:30   Charlotte Book Launch        Wingmakers Arts Collaborative

Tuesday March 17         6            Reading and signing             Lancaster  Library Book Club

Wednesday March 18   7            Featured Reader                   So-So Books – Raleigh, NC

Saturday May 16                          Reading and signing             Galion Historical Society – Galion, OH, Brownella Cottage

Tuesday June 9                            Reading                                  Poetry Hickory, Hickory, NC

If you read a previous post about my letting my natural curls go naturally grey, you know I have what some consider Gypsy Hair. Maybe Mr. Brenan knew something after all  🙂

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4 Responses to In Good Company

  1. Julie says:

    So excited for you! What a lineup! When I release my next book (at this rate, in another 5 years), can Ihire you as my publicist? 😉

    • Thanks Julie! What’s that Beatle’s song I get by with a Little Help from my Friends’? In this case I get a lot of help from my friends. I’m just amazed and truly grateful. Your next book will be out sooner than you think and I’ll be happy to help you get that book out there.

  2. icclaire says:

    I can’t wait to ‘visit’ with you along your book tour journey – you gypsy poet, you!! LOL. So happy for you!

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