A Little Left of Center

dsc00299Several years ago this was our Christmas tree topper. It’s Criss Angel, the illusionist. We have an angel topper, but my youngest son thought this would be a fun surprise for me. It was. dsc00298




The year before he’d glued a picture of David Boreanaz to a large yellow, paper star and affixed that to the top of the tree. Boreanaz is the actor who portrayed Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Again, he knew I’d think it was great.

One of the best trees was the one he and his sister decorated. There were large plastic candy canes, and a stuffed flamingo and other stuffed critters peeking out of the branches. It looked like something Dr. Seuss would have decorated. I loved it. I also love that all my children understand, accept and share my quirky sense of humor.

I’ve watched Facebook posts lately about resolutions some are making and many resolve to be more kind this year. I would agree to that one. Being kind to one another, even in the smallest ways, goes a long way in building new friendships or healing broken ones. But I hope being more kind includes being more kind to ourselves as well.

Having an odd-ball sense of humor isn’t always fun or easy, but it’s the one I have so it’s the one I let out. If others don’t ‘get it’, I’m okay with that. One realization that’s been tougher to accept is I can’t do it all . . . anymore. Whether it’s my energy level, or other time commitments, I can’t do all the things I really want to do. I’m getting better about not beating myself up about those things that don’t get done. I don’t say I have limitations or shortcomings, they’re boundaries. I respect them better than I used to. So my garden may be smaller than I’d like. My second book of poetry may not get finished this year, but I’ll still work on those poems. So far I’ve not had physical reasons to cut back.

My Dad finally decided last year to hire someone to mow his lawn. Dad’s 83. He watches the weather more closely and isn’t as apt to take a chance and drive if the conditions are iffy, even staying home from church if need be. He also admitted to finally using the cane we bought him years ago. He still does his own grocery shopping and other errands, visits a roster of people at the local assisted living center each week. He hasn’t slowed down all that much, just adjusted and accepted his new boundaries. I tell him he’s gotten smart in his old age. He’s accepting those changes with his own wonderful, quirky sense of humor.

In this New Year I’ll be looking closely to my Dad for his example of kindness to others and kindness to self.

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3 Responses to A Little Left of Center

  1. Debbie says:

    Another good insight. I love your book of poetry, and I am sure the next we’ll be just as touching, but…a compilation of your blogs, would definitely be something to read…just sayin’…

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