National Poetry Month – Mary Oliver

[20080106 (LA/R10) — SHARED: Poet Mary Oliver, near her home on Cape Cod, has put together a book of photographs by her late partner, Molly Malone Cook. — PHOTOGRAPHER: Josh Reynolds††For The Times

No, I don’t know Mary Oliver personally, and unlike Patricia Smith, I’ve never heard Mary Oliver read in person. But I love her poetry. So since I asked all the guest poets whom they would want to raise a glass and share a conversation with, I’m adding one of mine.

I believe she would have much to teach me about quieting the noise and ‘to do’ in my head, how to go beyond observing and really seeing.

I don’t see that visit ever happening.

So instead I will take her with me out to my deck – in her books of poetry – and begin to listen. Here is Mary Oliver reading one of my favorites, Wild Geese.

And as I type this, wild geese are honking their way across the night sky.



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2 Responses to National Poetry Month – Mary Oliver

  1. What a coincidence! It’s a beautiful poem!

    • Yes, a beautiful and needed coincidence. It’d been a long day and I felt like I was sleepwalking through part of it. When I heard those geese it brought a smile to my face – as if Mary Oliver herself was smiling down on me and teaching me to hear, as well as see.

      ~ Kim

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