National Poetry Month – Ted Kooser

Ted Kooser is another poet whose poems make me slow down, and dig into my own rural, Midwest roots. His book, The Poetry Home Repair Manual, is as well-worn as his books of poetry on my shelf.

Commenting on his writing, Kooser also told Contemporary Authors: “I write for other people with the hope that I can help them to see the wonderful things within their everyday experiences. In short, I want to show people how interesting the ordinary world can be if you pay attention.” ~ from Poetry Foundation

 The ordinary includes family heirlooms, weather, the land. He sees in those common things the stories of them, recognizing all hold a story. Reading his poems is like studying a painting, taking in all the details that the artist knows is important, but we could easily miss.

Here is the final audio poem for my poetry quilt, Ted Kooser reading his poem, “Pearl

His birthday was yesterday, April 25. Happy Birthday to a favorite poet. 


It’s hard to believe April is almost over and along with it National Poetry Month. I’ve had the honor of introducing twenty-five amazing poets and their work so far, creating a poetry quilt rich in texture and emotion. I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting these writers as much as I enjoyed re-reading their poems and sharing them with you.  The remaining four poets will add their unique patterns and voices, putting the final pieces of the quilt together. I think you’ll agree, the quilt is quite a piece of art.

Ted Kooser’s photo by

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