Happy Anniversary . . . or as my dad would say A Special Day!

Today marks a special day for me and A Writer’s Window – it’s our anniversary! It was on this date 11 years ago I uploaded my first post and opened my window into the life of a writer. This post is my 239th.

One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog was to connect. Blogging was just getting popular and the advice to writers was to have a social media presence. But I had no idea what to post about. I wasn’t a published author, other than some newspaper articles I’d written ages ago for my hometown newspaper and a couple of poems, so I didn’t have much to share. Then a friend made a comment about writing and work – that she didn’t think of my writing as work. And that was the seed for opening A Writer’s Window.

As I’ve mentioned several times before I love Wendell Berry’s writing, especially his poetry. The name for my blog came from one of his books of poems, and the idea that he looked out his window every day for decades and wrote about his observations. I strive for that dedication and sense of contemplation. Until I get there, this is from my original post:

Window: an opening in the wall of a building to let in light and air; the framework with fittings that closes such an opening; an opening resembling or suggesting that of a window in a building; an interval of time during which certain conditions or opportunities exist; a rectangular box appearing on a computer screen on which information is displayed.

My plan, my goal, my wish is that A Writer’s Window opens all those windows and lets you see a little of one writer’s life, one writer’s view – not always mine – and allow you to share how that reflects yours.

I never wanted this blog to be solely for writers or about the craft of writing. I wanted it to feel like I was sitting and visiting with friends, talking about whatever popped up. That’s why in my header it says writing, books, art, inspiration, observations. All of those things make up a writer’s life, but I imagine everyone else’s too. They give us common ground, whether we agree with each other’s opinions or not.

Looking back through these 11 years I think I’ve done pretty okay, and trying to pick which photos to add in this post was a challenge – so many to choose from! We’ve traveled together to Alaska, the mountains, Amish Country, my hometown of Galion, Ohio, and just some fun unusual places here and there.

We’ve visited with poets and writers from the Carolinas,

and discussed books covering a wide range of topics.

We’ve had conversations about gardening, the pandemic, and family-among other things.

And you celebrated with me when my poems, short stories, and essays and books finally did get published!

I hope you’ve gotten some insights into what goes on behind the pages of the books you read, and how a writer’s brain sometimes works – like even taking down a Christmas tree isn’t simply pulling off ornaments.

When I started this blog I never envisioned where this little bit of writing would end up, never gave a thought of how many years. When I noticed it’d been 11, I was surprised. They’ve gone quickly. Most importantly for me, writing these posts is still fun. I absolutely love reading your responses and comments to the posts and photos, and as I write these each week I honestly picture you and wonder what will spark a comment.

THANK YOU to all of you for stopping by my window and visiting each week. I truly enjoy your company. And thank you for sharing the posts that touch you.

Going forward I hope to add author interviews again and maybe sit by my window and observe a bit more. And always, my Writer’s Window will be open for your company.

And since it’s a special day, I may go get some ice cream.

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4 Responses to Happy Anniversary . . . or as my dad would say A Special Day!

  1. kathrynlovatthotmailcom says:

    Congratulations. What an achievement and what a gift. Much love. Kathryn.

  2. Congratulations, Kim! I had not realized it had been that long! You are an inspiration to me–to try. Your blog posts have always been inspiring and uplifting!

    • Hi Martha,
      I was surprised too! I kept doing the math because it just seemed so crazy I’d been doing this so long lol. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words. I really do want these posts to be something positive. I’m not always sure what I’m going to write about or where they’re going, but I do know I don’t want them to be griping or grousing about anything. I don’t enjoy that negativity and surely don’t want to pass it around! I hope you do get back to posting on your blog! I always enjoy your writing and book reviews. I hope to see you soon 🙂

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