Looking at Something Ordinary

I was going to write today about my odd-shaped drawer, but the tsunami got me thinking about a writing challenge I did many years ago.  I was part of a writers’ group in Charlotte and the assignment for one month was to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.  It had to be something simple we did every day that we thought little about.

I thought it was such a good exercise I used it for my current SCWW critique group when I was co-facilitator.  The responses were interesting.  One woman wrote about making her bed each morning and it became a loving chore instead of just a household one.  One other writer and I each wrote about getting our mail.  He wrote about what he received and his joy over a letter from a loved one.  I wrote about how my relationships and mailboxes changed as I moved from a house in the city where my mailbox was attached to the house next to my door, to my cottage in the boonies where the mail arrived in my mailbox planted at the end of a long lane.

Writing prompts can be good for forcing you to look at things a little differently.  Here’s a peek into my Writer’s Window to see what I counted Thirty-Seven Times.

Later this week I’ll have some new Field Trips, new Cottage Quote and a new book On the Bookshelf.  And next week I’ll tell you about my odd-shaped drawer!

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