National Poetry Month!

“Most people do not believe in anything very much and our greatest poetry is given to us by those who do.” Cyril Connolly

April is National Poetry Month so here is one to start you off.

Little Bunnies

Bunnies are so very little,

they are also very brittle.

So when you pick one up,

be sure your hands are in a cup.

And don’t pick one up too often,

or you’ll be putting it in a coffin.

Kim~4th grade

OK, maybe not great poetry, but this is the first poem I remember writing.  Thankfully my poems have gotten a bit more sophisticated since and most of my publishing credits are poems.  But this poem illustrates an important point – I witnessed something, it evoked an emotional response, and I had to write about it.  That’s the seed of poetry.  Poems, in turn, can cause us to react with strong emotions.

Join me this month as I celebrate POETRY.  I can already hear the groans.  I think they’re coming from all the way back in high school, junior high and elementary school when we had to analyze what the poet meant and how we felt, pound out the rhythms on our desks, and learn terms like alliteration and onomatopoeia – which by the way are fun poetic devises.  It’s hard to celebrate something when there’s so much work involved.  So I hereby grant you permission not to work.  Just read and see what happens.

My Cottage Quote asks a basic question – can poetry matter?  It’s a question I hope all of us explore over the next month.  During the month I’ll tell you about some Field Trips and encourage you to take some of your own.  Beginning today,    On the Bookshelf will be lists of poets.  I challenge you to visit your library or on-line and see what’s there.  If you’ve not read poetry lately you might be surprised.  Each week the Writer’s Window will open onto a different poet.  Today it’s me.  Next week it will be friend who was recently nominated for a Pushcart Award –  pretty prestigious.  The following week will be another friend, a contemporary Renaissance Man – poet, painter, poetry journal editor and open mic host.

Who knows? Maybe by the end of April some of you will be writing poetry.  And it will be Easter so maybe some Little Bunny poems?

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6 Responses to National Poetry Month!

  1. roxie says:

    So precious ~ what an adorable bunny poem. You make a great point about an emotion, and the need to capture it in writing. Poetry is the best way for so many of us (novice me, expert you) to share that emotion.
    And I’m up for the journey, take us boldly into poetry country! 😉

    • And what an amazing country it is! Not so sure I’m an expert, but I can guarantee the journey will be full of laughs…as evidenced by Doris’ hubby wondering if we really write poetry at all and instead we’re just getting together to laugh 😉 I can’t wait to get the poet interviews up and their lists of poet favs – ought to be pretty diverse. And you’ll get your chance to add to the list so be thinking…
      Thanks for being here, Roxie.

  2. Julie says:

    I love it! My first “poem” from first grade:


    Spring, spring, spring is here!
    Spring is the time of year
    when the flowers bloom
    and the birds’ eggs hatch!
    Spring, spring, spring is here!

    Yeah, I was a big fan of repetition as a poetic device… 😉

    • lol but this so works! I’m reading all the ‘springs’ and I feel the bounce of ‘springing’ – like the movements of your birds, my bunnies … and our kids the first time the weather is nice enough to go outside! Isn’t it funny how these things stick in our heads? Can’t remember all the important dates from history class, but Little Bunnies is burned in my brain 😉 Like with Roxie, I’ll be asking for your list of favorite poets so get ready.
      Thanks for your poem!

  3. Tyhitia says:

    I love poetry. 🙂 Always have and I write it as well. I haven’t submitted any of it since high school though.

    I have some listed on my blog from the month of February 2008. You can check my archives. I listed a favorite poem every week for Black History month. Great poems are listed. 🙂

    • Hi Tyhitia, I can see where you’d love poetry – you need to start writing it again! I like your poetry posts. It’s amazing how much poetry is out there. I’m glad Poetry Out Loud introduces students to poems they might not otherwise read. Glad to see your blog is going back to your original dream. Can’t wait to read more of your writing 😉

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