Arts A-Poppin’!

That used to be the theme of a local arts celebration here in Lancaster.  The town no longer uses it but fortunately for those of us in the area, the arts are definitely poppin’ around here.

This week’s Writer’s Window is open to a member of my critique group, Grace Looper.  I have no idea how old she is, but she’s older than me…so some of you will have an idea!  When I first started attending the local SCWW group, Grace was working on an inspirational romance, a sweet thing.  Then she brought some interesting middle grade stories full of adventure and history.  Then it was her Aaron Fowler series.  Now she’s finishing up a murder mystery.  She said during our last meeting, “I  just can’t have any of my characters commit adultery.”  But you should read what her murderer does!  Grace had us all in shock.  Read about this versatile writer through her Writer’s Window.

Something else that starts poppin’ up this time of year are writers’ conferences.  They’ll continue now until the late fall.  Even if you aren’t a writer,it might be interesting to see what kinds of topics we writers can choose from when we go.  Like I’ve mentioned, this writing really is a job so there are industry things as well as technique things we have to keep up on.  And even if I don’t write suspense or thriller, some of the offerings at Killer Nashville would be sessions I’d benefit from.  Grace takes us on a little Field Trip to some of her favorite conferences and offers some advice for anyone going.

Cottage Quotes this week is all about the Arts A-Poppin’ in my area.  Most of them are FREE and cover visual art, music, literature, and drama…with a little food and sport thrown in.  These are field trips worth taking.  And if you aren’t in my area, maybe these will entice you to either check the offerings in your area or come and visit mine.

Much of this week I’ll be sequestered working on my own novel, but I’ll be back later with a new book On the Bookshelf -so come back and visit.  For now I have a meatloaf to make, a couple dogs to feed – they don’t get the meatloaf, the mail and paper to bring in…in other words, daily life like all of you!

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2 Responses to Arts A-Poppin’!

  1. roxie says:

    Great info – Arts A-Poppin, *grin* they should’ve kept that! Who knew that many opps were in the area?
    Grace is a gem…so glad you could sit with her a bit.
    Looking forward to hearing your work at our next critique group. In the meantime, life keeps us distracted from our writing, offering us rich tales to tell.
    Meatloaf trumps my chicken salad for dinner *wink* enjoy!

    • And today is Grace’s B-Day! She is definitely an inspiration in tenacity, diversity and salesmanship 😉 I try and view all these little diversions as grist for the writing mill, but sometimes they are just frustrations. lol Should actually have something ready to share at the next meeting. Can’t wait to hear what Scott Douglass has to say on Saturday! See you then.

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