Being an Odd Duck is a Wonderful Thing – Chinese fortune cookie

I received this fortune years ago, have it tacked to my bulletin board and love it because it fits.  Well, it fits me, anyway.

My taste in comics runs more toward the old Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes comics and currently I love Lio.  Commercials that leave me roaring leave Hubby shaking his head, at both the commercial and at me.  I have a tendency to find the oddball slant or quirky-quotient in a lot of things and as I get older I’m more comfortable with that.  It’s more than just ok, it’s a wonderful thing.

So I thought I’d let you peek into my odd little world today, just a little bit.   Like I mentioned last week, I have an odd-shaped drawer.  I rather like it, though it took a little getting used to, even for me.  Look through my Writer’s Window, you’ll see I’ve left a picture or two.  Let me know if you’ve ever seen another like it.

What do you get when you cross OCD, intellect and…pilfering?  You get Martin Railsback, the quirky thief in Matthew Dicks’ novel, Something Missing.  (Not to be confused with John Mayer’s song, Something Missing).  This book made me giggle, not a belly, tears-rolling-down-my-cheeks laugh, but a light-hearted ‘this is a fun read’ kind of giggle.  It’s lighter fare than I’ve posted in a while and a quick read for the summer.  I’ve left you a little more On the Bookshelf.

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