Where I Live

Just a quick update – I updated my Field Trip page so you now have a list of authors from the SCBookFest to check out.  No excuses for not having a good read for the summer.  Enjoy 😉

After reading what defines Southerns – sweet tea, wide porches, belief that mac and cheese is a vegetable . . . my cousin Heather and I tried to come up with what says Midwest.

Midwest men like their John Deeres-and their women-sturdy.  We’re meat and potatoes kind of people with slow-cooked roasts and potatoes, sauerkraut or egg noodles.  Fall means watching football games and marching bands in heavy school jackets and drinking hot chocolate. Euchre isn’t a word that stumps Scrabble and Hangman players, it’s a card game with its own regional tweaks that most of us learn to play as children and continue to play as grandparents.  And square dances can still be found on Saturday nights – and sometimes at wedding receptions.

But what does it really mean deep down?  And what does it mean to ‘write from where you live’?

Take a peek in my Writer’s Window and see what author Silas House has to say about that.

And visit my Cottage Quotes to read about my trip to where I live.

Field Trip

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