A Busy Spring

Hi everyone,

Earlier this week I heard on the news that fewer women were seeking elected offices.  It got me thinking about a book I read awhile back, Hidden Power – Presidential Marriages That Shaped Our History.  I’ve left it On the Bookshelf.  I’d decided to highlight some nonfiction books for a few weeks so this is a good one to start with.

This being Memorial Day Weekend, I want to thank all the veterans in my family and circle of friends.  My Cottage Quote is about the importance of telling stories, so I’ve told a few stories about some special veterans.  And I’ll be thinking of them Monday as I watch a parade honoring all our service men and women.

Have some exciting news – my first short story, Searching for China, has been published in moonShine review.  I was pretty excited when I found out in April.  Unfortunately I couldn’t say anything until after the first of  May.  Kinda tough keeping it a secret 😉  But now the word is out, and so is the journal and the cover is beautiful.  And the stories inside are intriguing.  I’m honored to be among them.

Come visit A Writer’s Window and read about a special appearance this spring.  Then take a Field Trip and see what else I’ve been helping with.  I’ve had a full plate this spring – something I’ll tell you about in a few weeks.

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