From the mountains of Little Switzerland to Charlotte’s bank towers . . . not all NC giants are created equal

I’m back! I had a great time at Wildacres Writing Workshop in Little Switzerland.  As mark Twain says in Cottage Quotes, ” Keep away from those who belittle your ambitions…”  I didn’t find a one of those at Wildacres.  In a month or two I’ll post an interview with my instructor, novelist Carrie Brown.  What an amazing woman and writer.

But for now . . .

Remember the big bank, Lehman Brothers, Goldman-Sachs tornado that blew everything financial to pieces a few years back?  Charlotte Observer reporter, Rick Rothacker, was in the midst of that whirlwind.   Rick’s recently published book, Banktown: The Rise and Struggles of Charlotte’s Big Banks, tells all about the build-up, punch and after-effects of the financial turmoil from  inside the offices and board rooms of the decision-makers.   After I read the prologue I thought, if the rest of the book is anything like this, it’s going to be an interesting ride.  It was.

Rick opens his Writer’s Window and answers a few questions about his book.  Banktown: The Rise and Struggles of Charlotte’s Big Banks is reviewed On the Bookshelf.

And it’s good to be home 😉

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