I Spent a Week at the Beach . . . Sort of


I’ve been gone from here because I’ve been at the beach . . . sort of.

The week started with a Saturday wedding on Pawley’s Island, a beautiful ceremony with the ocean as the backdrop.  On Sunday I actually spent an hour or so on the beach.











The following weekend was the South Carolina Writers’ Workshop’s 21st Annual Writers’ Conference. Since I was volunteering, my work week started on Tuesday night.  From then on, this is the closest I got to the sand and surf.







At least I had a view 😉



The conference was packed with sessions led by agents, editors and authors, opportunities to pitch our manuscripts to agents and editors, and time to network with them and other writers from all over the United States.  The weekend is always great for writers.

But I love being home and I’m excited to get back to my writing. I’ve issued a challenge to myself for the month of November and if you look into my Writer’s Window, you can join me in the challenge . . . if you’re brave enough.

Also, for those of you who are more local than not, I  have two new Field Trips for this month.

Glad to be back and will be here more often. Have a great week!

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