What WAS My Neighbor Thinking?

It’s been crazy around here as I get ready for the South Carolina Writers’ Workshop, 21st Annual Writers’ Conference. I’m helping with the silent auction and my living room is full of items I have to take with me.  Hubby keeps eying the stacks and asking, ‘All that stuff has to fit in the trunk of your car?’ Um, yes? 😉

But prep work did not keep me from spending a recent day outside and giving my neighbor Don something to wonder about. Don’s a practical, down-to-earth kind of guy, retired. He works in his yard all day and I know he watches our place because he’s made observations like knowing when our son is home or away at college. We’re glad he sort of keeps an eye out, but I wonder what was going through his head a week or so ago when I spent that day outside.  A peek in my Writer’s Window will show you what he saw . . . and what I was doing.

Observations. Poet Mary Oliver has something to say about that in Cottage Quotes.  And I have a challenge to issue about it next month.

It’s another wonderful, rainy day in SC. Hope your day is wonderful, too.

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2 Responses to What WAS My Neighbor Thinking?

  1. roxie says:

    Great pic of the turtle…persistance pays off! I’m late stopping by, but glad things were so grand for the silent auction! 😉

    • Thanks, Roxanne. Persistence is the operative word in writing, too! The silent auction was a hit and I’m glad it’s over for this year. Now back to writing. Putting a challenge out there on November 1. Join me?

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