Nothing is permanent except change

Months ago I introduced A Writer’s Window by mentioning one of my favorite poets, Wendell Berry.  Here is a poem from his collection, Window Poems.  A poem about both internal and external changes.


This is the wind’s eye,

Wendell’s window

dedicated to purposes

dark to him, a seeing into

days to come,  the winds

of days as they approach

and go by.  He has come

mornings of four years

to be thoughtful here

while day and night

cold and heat

beat upon the world.

In the low room

within the weathers,

sitting at the window,

he has shed himself

at times, and been renewed.

The spark at his wrist

flickers and dies, flickers

and dies.  The life in him

grows and subsides

and grows again

like the icicle throbbing

winter after winter

at a wrinkle in the eave,

flowing over itself

as it comes and goes,

fluid as a branch.

Like Wendell Berry, I use my Writer’s Window to observe the changes around me.  Through my Window you’ll see some of those welcomed changes from this last week.  But not everyone is so excited about change, as you’ll see in Cottage Quotes.  And maybe that’s ok.  And take a Field Trip to see what 100 Thousand Global Poets are doing for change.  Care to join us?

Have a good weekend!

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2 Responses to Nothing is permanent except change

  1. Thanks for featuring Wendell Berry! He is a real prophet for our time.

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